Young Leaders Programme

Young Leaders Programme

Young Leaders Programme


Our Young Leaders will:

* Agree to assist a set class each week

* Arrive on time for their sessions, dressed sensibly with jewellery off
   and any long hair tied back

* Sign in when they arrive each session

* Email/ ask their parents to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
   if they will be off for a session, for example due to illness or a
   school trip

* Lead by example – get stuck in, be enthusiastic

* Be a good role model for our younger gymnasts

* Assist NGA’s coaches

* Learn and display leadership skills

* Learn and display safe supporting techniques for simple
   gymnastics skills

* Be a valued part of #teamnotts

* Be treated with respect by NGA staff

* Treat NGA staff and gymnasts with respect

* Be invited to half-termly Young Leaders meetings where they
  can talk 
and learn with their peer

Our Young Leaders can:

* Ask their mentor coach for advice

* Ask the GFA HOD/AHOD for advice

* Talk to NGA’s Welfare Officers

* Suggest ideas to NGA staff/mentor coach

* Lead warm ups/stretches when they are confident in this

* Attend the BG Intro To Coaching course

* Put their experience as a Young Leader on their CVs

* Ask their mentor coach to sign off their hours for D of E awards
   where appropriate

* Graduate on to take a Level 1 coaching qualification when
   they are old enough



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