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Rushcliffe Leisure Centre saw the return of the County Championships this year, previously the competition took place out of county at New College, Leicester. The event, hosted by Nottinghamshire Gymnastics Association, was open to all county clubs for girls aged 5 upwards.

Over 50 gymnasts took part on an extremely hot day!

The morning session was for Level 7 to Level 4, in and out of age categories.

Level 7 In Age
Phoebe Anderson, Sophie Horvath, Summer Hill, Alice Marriott
1st Alice Marriott  2nd Summer Hill 3rd Sophia Horvath

Level 6 In Age
Dukeries Hattie Jackson, Robyn Dilnot, Lily Moss, Ruby Penn, Grace Forward, Isabella Willcocks
1st Isabella Willcocks, 2nd Grace Forward, 3rd Ruby Penn (all Notts)

Level 6 Open Age
Ashfield Olivia Neville (withdrawn), Jaden Potter, Dukeries Millie Grievson, Ellicia Grievson,
Notts Stephanie Mitchell
1st Stephanie Mitchell 2nd Ellicia Grievson 3rd Jaden Potter

Level 5 In Age
Kiya Robb, Aaliyah Risden, Sasha Mulvaney, Elyse Hallam, Lucy Marriot, Molly Palmer
1st Molly Palmer 2nd Lucy Marriott 3rd Elyse Hallam

Level 5 Open Age
1st Sophie Brogan (Dukeries)

Level 4 In Age Elite  
Ella Morel, Charlotte Mears, Lauren Whitehead, Christine Tse, Lily-Moorea Hutchinson,
Molly Williams
1st Christine Tse  2nd Lily-Moorea Hutchinson 3rd Molly Williams (all Notts)

Level 4 Club
Bethany Lane (withdrawn), Mollie Evans, Alex Sloane, Megan Jackson, Anushka Bovill, Charlotte Odams
1st Charlotte Odams (Dukeries) 2nd Anushka Bovill (Dukeries) 3rd Megan Jackson (Ashfield)
Afternoon session Level 3 and up

Level 3 In Age Club
Hannah Piechota, Carrie Brown, Millie Fairhurst-Marshall, Shenea Fawzi Perrin
1st Millie Fairhurst-Marshall  2nd Shenea Fawzi Perrin  3rd Hannah Piechota (all Notts)

Level 2 In Age Club
Ellie Rhodes (withdrawn), Daisy Barnes
1st Daisy Barnes (Notts)

Espoir In Age Club
Olivia Shuttleworth, Emily Heslin, Katie Liwoshko, Caprice Adjei
1st Olivia Shuttleworth, 2nd Katie Liwoshko, 3rd Emily Heslin (all Notts)

Level 3 In Age Elite
Sian Shuttleworth, Georgia Wallace, Megan Parker
1st Megan Parker 2nd Georgia Wallace 3rd Sian Shuttleworth (all Notts)

Level 2 In Age Elite
Eden Wathen-Edwards
1st Eden Wathen-Edwards (Notts)

Junior Elite
Nicole Pavier, Megan Bonnar, Kirsty Baldwin (withdrawn), Lillie Buttery (withdrawn),
Chenay Elson, Katy Bramley, Billie McKenzie
1st Katy Bramley 2nd Megan Bonnar 3rd Chenay Elson (all Notts)

Senior Elite
Charlotte Draycott, Niamh Rippin (withdrawn)
1st Charlotte Draycott (Notts)
Trophies were awarded to Katy Bramley overall highest score (51.3) and Megan Parker (for the highest beam score of the day 13.5


Important Information: January 2017

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Between Tuesday 3rd January -Sunday 8th January, the gym will be open but there will be no access via the leisure centre. There will only be access to the gym via the outside route, the path and steps to the left of the leisure centre entrance. This will cause problems for anyone with pushchairs etc as there will be no ramps, only stairs.

Between Monday 9th January - Friday 13th January, the gym will be closed and there will be no training. This is due to essential utility work. Training will then commence as normal on Saturday 14th January.  

Between the 3rd - 13th January there will be no access to the leisure centre buildings including the sports hall and cafe area as building will be taking place to create our new entrance. 

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