Our Fees

Our Weekly Class Fees

The following payments are required when joining NGA and to remaina member. Full details are included when you are offered a GFA class: 

   Monthly session fees

   Annual NGA Affiliation / Membership fee

   Annual British Gymnastics membership


GFA Weekly Classes - Monthly Session Fees

Session fees for our weekly GFA classes are paid for monthly in advance by direct debit via LoveAdmin, our administration system provider and London & Zurich, our payment processing provider. More details about how to pay are included as part of your joining information.

Session fees depend on the type of group, length of session and day of the week.

Our classes run all year round. In the summer, we calculate the fees for the upcoming school year. We take account of any sessions not running due to bank holidays, the Christmas break, competitions and other events running at the gym, so you aren't charged for these sessions. The total fees for the year are then divided by 12 to produce a standard monthly amount. Consequently fees for each day of the week may vary and you will pay the same each month regardless of how many weeks there are in a specific month.

The Academy Affiliation Fee

Each member of NGA must pay an annual affiliation / membership fee which is currently £20 for our weekly GFA members. This fee is payable on joining and renews each year by 1st November.  

British Gymnastics Membership

BG are our national governing body and all members must join. As well as providing member benefits, membership includes the insurance needed to train. Membership is needed in time for your first regular class. The cost is currently £19 for the year to 30th September, though this may change and it is reduced as the renewal date approaches. 

Weekly Class Fees Table


 GFA Weekly Fees September 2019


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