Weekly Timetable

Our Weekly Classes

The majority of our classes are organised by school year. 

Most of our classes run at our main gym on the Rushcliffe School site. We also run classes on a Saturday morning at Rushcliffe Arena (our Satellite classes). 

We also run:

Disability Gymnastics classes on a Sunday afternoon for those gymnasts with disabilities who need extra support.

A boys apparatus class - for male gymnasts within our weekly GFA programme who wish to work on the 6 Men's Artistic Gymnastics pieces. Entry to this group is by invitation. 

GFA Advanced and Competitive Groups - for more information, please refer to the dedicated section / tabs.

For younger children who aren't old enough to start school we run a full PreSchool programme and for those 18 years and over, Adult classes. Both have dedicated tabs too with more information. 

 Our Weekly GFA Classes

GFA Timetable









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