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GFA Gymnasts perform at NCGA Floor and Vault

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Three of NGA's gymnasts competed at the NCGA Floor and Vault in Mansfield on Sunday 13th May.
Florence and Tiffany began the day, competing the under 8s floor routine and a squat on stretch jump vault. Both girls enjoyed performing to the crowd and their vaults in particular were fantastic!
This was Tiffany's first competition experience and she took part in all aspects of the competition from marching on to warm ups, to watching other members of her group compete, and of course the presentation!
Florence also attended the competition last year and her independence has grown leaps and bounds since - she competed her vaults and went round the competition with her group that was made up of gymnasts from other clubs, too. This was a fantastic step forward for Florence. Both girls had a fantastic morning with lots of smiles and some super selfies with their coach! Florence came second AA in the I'm in Category, and Tiffany came 1st AA.
Caitlin competed in the Primary 2 category in the afternoon session. She competed a fantastic floor routine which included her newly-learnt half spin, and her two vaults. Despite finding the vault hard work, Caitlin showed excellent spirit and persevered - each vault from her first warm up vault to her last competition vault improved. Caitlin also enjoyed socialising with gymnasts from the other clubs, and to top it all off came 1st AA in the 9 year old, "I'm In" Category.
Well done ladies!
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GFA competitive County Groups Shine at EVGC Spring Invitational

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What a fantastic day the Notts gymnasts from C1 and C2 Boys and Girls squads enjoyed at the EVGC Spring Invitational last Sunday! This was the first competition for many of our gymnasts but, despite of nerves, their spirits and confidence was high! 
Round 1
Round one saw the majority of our C2 girls competing. All the girls stepped up their game and were determined to do the best they could and the results were great!
Level 1
For individual pieces the team won 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 4 bronze medals with Amy Booth winning the Overall gold medal for the 2010 age group
Level 2
The girls won 1 gold medal and 1 bronze medal with Summer Newton winning the Overall Bronze medal for the 2009 age group.
Round 2
C1 and several C2 girls competed in this round. We also saw our newly expanded C1 & C2 Boys squad compete together for the first time under the guidance of Laurence Bow.
Like the previous round the whole team stepped up their game and were determined to continue what the girls in round 1 had started....which they did with gusto!
Level 3
The girls rose to the challenge with 2 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals for individual pieces. Overall positions went to Lola Sampson (4th 2009-2010), Tino Manyarara (5th 2009-2010), Ianthe Panayiotou (6th 2009-2010), Francesa Atkinson (6th 2008), Amelia Coventry (Bronze medal 2007), Alicia Ashmore (4th 2007) and Eloise Warren (5th 2007).
Level 1 Boys
Not to be outdone, the boys wanted a piece of the action! On their individual pieces the boys won 4 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals. Overall positions went to Logan Hutchinson-Hernandez (Gold medal 2010-2011), Hugo Pilkington (Silver medal 2009+), Nathan Chita (Bronze medal 2009+) Kaidon Horvath-Fowles (4th 2009+) and Daniel Talmain (5th 2009+)
Round 3
This round was for the more advanced gymnasts of the C groups. The whole team were feeling the pressure to continue doing as well as their team mates form earlier.
Level 4 
Solid routines from all the girls set the final round off to a great start which continued when medals were announced. for individual pieces the girls won 1 Gold Medal, 5 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals. Overall places went to Arabella Payne (Gold medal 2007-2008), Jaylah Clarke (4th 2007-2008), Poppy Ritchie (4th 2006) and Elizabeth Macfarlane (Gold Medal 2003-2005)
Level 2 Boys
More great result from the boys squad. 3 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals and 2 bronze medals were won for individual routines in the last round of the day with overall positions going to Harry Jackson (4th 2005-2007), William Ivemey (5th 2005-2007), Charlie Tang (Gold medal 2008-2010) Harry Loveridge (Silver medal 2008-2010) and Alex Maher (4th 2008-2010).
In total 57 medals were won over the course of the day, 10 of which were Overall medals, which is a phenomonal achievement for all the gymnasts who competed!
A huge congratulations must go to everyone who took part, its' safe to say that there are lots of very proud coaches in the gym now!

Notts Gymnasts Take To The Floor at Regional Under 8s Floor & Vault

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The younger C2 girls competed in the regional under 8s GFA floor and vault competition on Sunday 25th March 2018.

This is always a tough competition with a large number of gymnasts from all over the East Midlands taking part.

All of the girls competed clean routines which earned some very good scores from the judges. Each of the Notts girls should be proud of their performances here and reflecting on how far they have come the last 6 months, they have made some tremendous progress. 

A special mention must go to to Katie Lee who placed 6th overall which was a fantastic result.

Gymnast Floor Vault Overall
Eleanor Bewick 8.15 8.90 17.07
Tilda Beaumont 8.75 9.10 17.85
Katie Lee 9.25 9.20 18.45
Amy Booth 8.27 9.10 17.37
Chloe Waite 8.13 9.20 17.33
Ava Samra 8.30 8.90 17.20
Effie Dunlop 7.73 9.00 16.73


Under 8s comp


Notts Gymnasts excel and East Midlands Grade 6 & 5

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The 25th March saw 23 Notts gymnasts from across the GFA competitive and Women’s Artistic disciplines descend on New College Leicester to take on their grade 6 and 5 competitions.

For many of the girls, it was their first taste of regional competition and they all presented themselves well in large fields of competitors. Our gymnasts were required to perform across vault, bars, beam, and floor as well as producing a range and conditioning routine to demonstrate their strength, control and flexibility.

Each routine was marked from a maximum possible score of 14, and several of our gymnasts delivered routines which received less than one mark in deductions, which is a great achievement!

Well done to Amelie, Kieley and Faith who achieved scores of 13.0 or over on vault and Millie, Amelie, Sophie and Tess who achieved this on bars at grade 6.

Congratulations also to Stephanie and Ava who scored 13.00 or higher on vault and Erin who achieved this mark on floor at grade 5.

Following a marathon day of competition over two rounds, the final scores gave the Notts contingent plenty to celebrate! In the Grade 6 competition Millie Browne placed 2nd overall in a huge field of 65 gymnasts! Whilst in Grade 5, Erin Prentice earned Team Notts its second silver medal of the day as she also placed 2nd out of 59 competitors.

All of our gymnasts passed their grade with many achieving commended passes or distinctions and they should all be very proud of their performances. Well done ladies!

The full results for all of the Notts competitors can be seen below:

Grade 6

Millie Browne – Silver, Distinction

Amelie Smith – Distinction

Ruby Thatcher – Distinction

Sophie Redgate – Distinction

Lilo Sharpe – Distinction

Kieley Brown – Distinction

Yasmin Kapila – Distinction

Isla Skedge – commended

Cherry May Briggs-Price – commended

Faith Wright - Commended

Jessica Stevens – Commended

Matilda Rayner – Commended

Florence Townsed – Commended

Tess Billingham - Commended

Megan Crampton - Commended

Malena Dafhnis-Luengo - Pass

Katie-May Hyland - Pass

Grade 5

Erin Prentice – Silver, Distinction

Stephanie Booth – Commended

Layla Lehane – Commended

Harriet Jackson – Commended

Ava Morgan-McQuade – Commended

Ella Dean – Commended

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GFA Open Meeting Minutes

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Thank you to those who attended the GFA Open Meeting.

Please find the minutes from the meeting here.

To fill out the GFA Advanced sessions interest form, please click here. Please note, this is to help us collate information to inform our planning of these sessions, it does not guarantee your child a place in one of these classes.

The diagram below are the type of skills we would be looking for proficiency in when assigning spaces for the GFA Advanced classes.



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