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Notts girls compete at County Championships

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Level 7s competed in the morning, for many of them it was their first competition. The girls from Improvers achieved an astounding 11 medals between them, and Miley showed a particularly stunning vault.

In age category results are as follows:
Miley Austin 2nd
Summer Yeeles 3rd

Miley Austin 1st
Pippa Jackson 2nd
Summer Yeeles and Naomi Hopper 3rd

Miley Austin 1st
Summer Yeeles 2nd

Imogen Wren 2nd
Florence Granton-Crow 3rd

Miley Austin 3rd

The youngest members of R2 also took part in their first ever competition, and both Malena and Sophie medalled which is a fantastic achievement after joining the group recently. We were very pleased with the team spirit shown by R2 - they were supported by their group members who were competing in the afternoon.

 Results in the 7 years category are:

Sophie Redgate 1st
Malena Dafhnis-Luengo 2nd

Sophie Redgate 1st

Sophie Redgate 2nd
Malena Dafhnis-Luengo 3rd

It was the turn of the Level 6s in the afternoon, and girls from Development, Development Elite and R2 took their chance to shine.

Congratulations to all the gymnasts for their hard work. There were some nerves, but the girls did a good job. All from Development who had a squat on for bar managed to land it, DE had clean routines on beam, and there were some very neat floors from R2. Fantastic work from all!

In Age Level 6 Results:

Freya Lacey 2nd
Xyla Parris 6th
Freya Lacey 1st
Kieley Brown 3rd
Freya Lacey 1st

Freya Lacey 2nd
Matilda Rayner 3rd
Out of Age Level 6:

Stephanie Booth 1st
Layla Lehane 2nd
Hattie Jackson 3rd

Stephanie Booth 1st
Lily Hawthorne 3rd

Layla Lehane 2nd
Stephanie Booth 3rd
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20170514 161514
20170514 161800

Notts Gfa Gymnasts take 13 medals at the NCGA GFA Floor and Vault competition!

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A massive congratulations to gymnasts from C2, C1 Boys, and our Disability Gymnasts, who competed on Sunday 7th May.

The day began with a triumph for Florence Parton who completed her whole warm up, and performed every skill in her set floor routine. This is a first for Florence which she has worked very hard for.
The positive start set the tone for the day, with fabulous performances from all.

Our Champions are:
Amy Booth, 6 years - Girls
Heidi Skeffington, 7 years - Girls
Becky Bennet, I'm In 6 and 7 years
Angus Wheatley, 8 Years - Boys
Sam Allan, 9 and 10 Years - Boys
Jess Bennet, I'm In Out of Age
Francesca Atkinson, 8 Years - Girls
Jake Molyneux - 11 Years - Boys

Further placings from Notts gymnasts were:
Chloe Waite, 4th, Effie Dunlop, 3rd, Cherry-May Briggs-Price, 2nd, Ianthe Panayiotou, 5th, Ruby Thatcher, 6th, Florence Parton, 2nd, Daniel Talmain, 4th, William Ivemey, 2nd, and Hugo Sasai, 2nd, in their respective categories.

Well done gymnasts! Thank you to NCGA, Gareth and the Gymstarz team for hosting, and all of the judges.

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20170507 131232

20170507 144127

20170507 154235

20170507 163752

20170507 164451 


Notts GFA Gymnast is Regional Grade 1 Champion!

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Huge congratulations to Alice Oldershaw, who became Regional Grade 1 Champion on Sunday.

NGA took 14 Gfa gymnasts to EMGA Regional Grades, and we are incredibly proud of the girls for their acheivements. A special mention to Molly Nichols for a beautiful round off 3x flic tumble, Jasmine Cooney for a super solid handstand on beam, Lucy Willis for her tuckback dismount on beam. Aside from their scores, there were many individual victories, and all gymnasts have made themselves and their coaches proud.

The girls came away with the following scores:

Regional Grade 4 In Age:

Olivia Gladstone – 48.2 Pass


Regional Grade 4 Out of Age:

Honey Farnsworth – 54.050 Commended

Jemima O’Neill – 51.183 Pass


Regional Grade 3 In Age:

Molly Nicholls – 56.5 Commended

Lucy Willis – 54.750 Commended


Regional Grade 3 Out of Age:

Eve Humphreys – 54.567 Commended

Kara Plaats – 48.050 Pass

Susan Maghami – 48.033 Pass

Darcy Cox – 47.0

Jasmin Cooney – 10.9 Withdrawn after first round


Regional Grade 2 Out of Age:

Charlotte Simpson - Commended


Regional Grade 1 In Age:

Alice Oldershaw – 58.283 Distinction In Age Champion


Regional Grade 1 Out of Age:

Tanith Beresford – 54.8 Commended


Lucy Allen – 53.983 Pass


Jessie Mitchell – 53.733 Pass


R1 reg grades

r1 reg grades PM Fotor


Gfa newsletter: April edition

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This is the first edition of the Gymnastics for all (Gfa) discipline newsletter.

I (Jack Duggan – Head of Gfa) would like to thank you all for your ongoing support of your gymnasts’ and the Academy’s development since my arrival in August 2016.

Since August 2016 we have:

  • Hosted the first ever Gfa in-house competition which involved over 300 gymnasts
  • Re-designed the programme for each block with an emphasis on skill development – read more on About our Gfa session webpages
  • Re-structured the Gfa section on the NGA website
  • Launched the new Gfa pathway with more targeted sessions
  • Purchased brand new equipment for the expanded programme into the sports hall
  • Continued to review and update our processes behind the scenes

NGA will continue to

‘Value your input, creating an output to value’.

New entrance/reception

The new entrance and reception area for Notts Gymnastics Academy is nearly ready!

While we are waiting on the finishing touches (safety aspects) I would like to thank you for your patience and the Academy promises good things to those who wait for sure… we are just as excited as you are.

Please keep an eye on notice boards and on Facebook and Twitter for further updates in the fourth coming weeks.

Gfa re-launch

The Gymnastics for all (Gfa) programme has been under construction since September 2017.

Here are some successes since Match 2017 of the initial weekend re-launch:

  • Created 168 new spaces
  • Spent £20k on new equipment for the sports hall
  • Introduced gender specific Gfa sessions (Gfa boys’ and Gfa girls’ sessions)
  • Split our younger age group sessions (Gfa 4 – 5 years and Gfa 5 – 6 years)
  • Allowed an option of either Skills and development or Display focused sessions for our 9+ years
  • Created a rolling programme to allow access to both the sports hall and the main gym

We are looking forward to extending the re-launch to the mid-week sessions in the near future. We will keep you posted.

Watch week

We will be holding a ‘watch week’, where you can come into the gym and watch your gymnasts’ train. This will be every Gfa session on the following days:

Saturday 6th May – Friday 12th May

Please be aware seating will be limited. Therefore, we respectfully ask you to keep the number of spectators to a minimum and we will ask for voluntary donations to support the Gfa programme.

Lost property

Lost something recently at NGA? You can find our lost property boxes at the top of the second flight of stairs.

Please only send your gymnast(s) with what they require for the session and check they have all their belongings when you collect them.

We also would like to remind you not to bring any valuables to the gym.

Block fees

Have you secured your gymnasts’ place for the Gfa June – August 2017 block?

Remember the payment cut off is 1st May 2017 to secure your child’s place.

Fees letter have been handed out during sessions. You can also download the generic fees letter from our website.

Dates for the dairy


What’s happening

Start of April

Fees letter being handed out

Friday 14th April

Closed for Good Friday

Monday 17th April

Closed for Easter Monday

Monday 1st May

Closed for bank holiday

Saturday 6th May – Friday 12th May

Watch week

Monday 1st May

Payment deadline for June – August 2017 block

Sunday 14th May

Closed due to competition

Monday 29th May

Closed for bank holiday

Thursday 1st June

Start of the June – August block

Start of July

Fees letter being handed out

Sunday 2nd July

Closed due to competition

Monday 28th August

Closed for bank holiday

Thursday 31st August

End of June – August block

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